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Pokayoke Torque Wrench


Click Type Torque Wrench / Assembly
RoHS marking



Limit Switch

Pokayoke torque wrench with limit switch output to eliminate missed tightening.


  • Pokayoke (tightening assurance).


  • Adjustable style torque wrench with limit switch output.
  • Upon reaching the set torque, the torque wrench "clicks" to complete tightening while the limit switch simultaneously sends out a contact signal.
  • A limit switch can be connected to a CNA-4mk3 count checker (sold separately) to easily create a tightening count management system.
  • Signals from the limit switch are captured on a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device to establish a Tightening Assurance System using assembly line interlock controls.
  • LS wrenches are supplied with a durable curl cord.
  • CSPLS series products are interchangeable head torque wrenches. Tohnichi’s interchangeable head lineup offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.
  • Except for some products, the QSPLS/CSPLS/QRSPLS/SPLS/SPLS-MH/RSPLS/RSPLS-MH/SPLS-N series are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. For more information, see the technical data “Initiatives for ISO 6789:2017” at the bottom of the screen.


  • SPLS-MH, RSPLS-MH, and SPLS-N-MH are manufactured after your order is received.

  • Except for SPMS2N, products are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. Calibration Certificates will be different from older products.





◆ How to order

Specify Tohnichi, model name and torque value.

[EX.1] SPLS120NX17XTorque free

[Example 2] Tohnichi SPLS120NX17X 70N・m

◆ Things to remember when ordering

For torque wrench dimensions, shapes, capabilities, etc., refer to descriptions of basic models (QSP, CSP, SP, RSP, SP-N).

We can also install in a non-LS torque wrench listed in the catalog. Please contact us for more information.

Limit switch specification is AC/DC 30V below 1A.

Female connector is not supplied for LS cable.

SPLS19N2-8X10N comes with a long cord.


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How to Use
Features of TOHNICHI Torque Wrench

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How to set torque

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Applying the correct force/Loosening tasks/Tightening left-handed bolts and screws

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Special Torque Wrench

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[August 2022 Version] Tohnichi’s Torque Engineering Seminars yield positive results in the workplace right away.

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Differences between adjustable, preset and pre-lock torque wrenches

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Interchangeable Head Series for Tohnichi Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches

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Technical Data
4. Tightening Reliability

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5. Selection of Tightening Tools

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6. Torque Tools are Measurement Equipment

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7. Maintenance for Torque Tools

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[August 2022 Version] Everything from torque controls to Tohnichi’s Tightening Guarantee System

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Initiatives for ISO 6789:2017

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