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May 1949

Founded as a subcontractor for Hitachi Ltd.; takes up space at Tokyo Koki Mfg. Co.'s Osaki plant, capitalized at 600,000 yen.

February 1951

Successful trial manufacture of torque wrenches and click-type torque wrenches, which are delivered to Toyota Motor Corporation and other customers.

December 1952

Ministry of International Trade and Industry certifies Tohnichi torque wrenches as a superior automotive tool.

April 1953

Registration of utility model torque wrenches.

April 1959

Establishes a factory in Ota-ku, Tokyo and sets up operations there.

May 1960

Torque wrenches designated as recommended tools for the automotive industry.

November 1968

Successful trial manufacture of Uni-Torque screwdrivers; applies for foreign patents for the Uni-Torque; branches out into pneumatic tools.

November 1969

Opens Tsukuba Factory in Tokyo Hakari Industrial Park.

February 1970

Uni-Torque receives Japan Institution of Invention and Innovation Prize.

April 1971

Successful trial manufacture of pneumatic torque tools. Extends sales and service network overseas. Opens Osaka Sales Office.

April 1974

Establishes Kofu Factory and extends manufacturing operations there. Celebrates 25th Anniversary.

June 1978

Establishes Tohnichi Airtork Sales Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.

October 1980

Establishes N.V. Tohnichi Europe S.A. as an overseas subsidiary in Brussels, Belgium.

December 1984

Establishes Tohnichi America Corporation as an overseas subsidiary in Chicago.

August 1986

Capitalization increased to 230,890,000 yen.

April 1987

Completes construction of second Kofu Factory.

April 1990

Establishes Hiroshima Sales Office.

January 1991

Constructs new building for N.V. Tohnichi Europe S.A. in Belgium.

October 1993

Participates in Tokyo Motor Show for first time.

January 1997

Kofu Factory receives ISO9001 certification (JQA-1536).

May 1997

Chairman of the Board, Hiroshi Tsuji, receives Blue Ribbon Medal.

May 1999

Celebrates 50th Anniversary. Increases capitalization to 300 million yen.

July 1999

Opens Torque Center Building

February 2001

Emperor visits Tohnichi Manufacturing.

April 2002

Establishes Tohnichi Shanghai Mfg. Co., Ltd.

July 2002

Kofu Factory receives ISO14001 (JQA-EM2470) certification.

June 2003

Opens Torque Centre Osaka.

Tohnichi Torque Standardization Office opens at Kofu Factory.

November 2003

Company President, Hiroshi Tsuji, receives Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette.

January 2004

Osamu Tsuji appointed as Representative Director and Company President, and Hiroshi Tsuji appointed as Representative Director and Chairman of the Board.

April 2006

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry places Tohnichi on its list of Japan’s 300 Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs.

N.V. Tohnichi Europe S.A. Torque Center opens.

June 2006

Kyushu Branch Office opens.

April 2007

Construction of Tsukuba Factory completed.

June 2007

Torque Center Nagoya opens.

August 2008

Overseas subsidiary Tohnichi America Corporation opens an Atlanta Office.

October 2009

Capitalization increased to 310 million yen.

November 2011

Tohnichi Torque Standardization Office at Kofu Factory obtains JCSS registration (JCSS0281).

February 2012

Kita-Kanto Sales Office opens.

March 2014

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry places Tohnichi on its list of 100 Top Global Niche Companies.

May 2014

Tohnichi Technical Center opens at Kofu Factory.

February 2016

Opens Hamamatsu Branch Office.

November 2018

Completes construction of third Kofu Factory.

October 2019

Opens Sendai Sales Office.

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