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Tohnichi torque solutions offer world-renowned support

Tohnichi Manufacturing has always been ahead of the times in delivering products that embody new values to customers.

From product research to before-sales and after-sales service, Tohnichi strives with various challenges in an aim to further spread and develop torque.

Support from Tohnichi

Product Service

Torque equipment is required to have durability, ease-of-use, and even more importantly, high accuracy as working tools. Utilizing its know-how and its leading technology built up over the years, Tohnichi delivers highly reliable products.

  • Research and Development System
  • Durability Studies
  • Torque Measurement Studies
  • Studies on Screw-Tightening Reliability
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Before Service

Tohnichi provides information, from descriptions of the importance of torque and methods of how to correctly use the product, to the disclosure of measurement data. Through holding seminars and providing various proposals, Tohnichi is implementing various services to deepen understanding and knowledge of torque.

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After Service

In order that products can continue to be used for many years to come, a supply service is maintained to allow the replacing of consumables and exchanging of parts. In addition, training services are also carried out to allow customers to implement repairs and adjustments

  • Issuing of Calibration Certificates
  • Calibration and Repair Services
  • Workshops for Repair and Adjustment
  • Parts Supplies
  • Online Inventory and Price Information
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Worldwide Services

As the world’s leading brand, Tohnichi has developed sales and servicing in 80 countries worldwide including Japan. Aiming to become the global standard, Tohnichi introduces highly detailed services.

  • Tohnichi’s International Service Network
  • The World’s Premier Brand
  • English Services
  • Overseas Seminars
  • Technical Laboratory and Showroom at Overseas
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How To Purchase

Japan Tool Distributors’ Association

* Information on trading companies and sales agents available to help you find what you need.

Tool Mail Club, Ltd. Tohnichi Airtork Sales Co., Ltd.

Calibration and Repairs

Expert calibration and timely repair help ensure the maximum useful life of your equipment, minimizing its overall cost over the long run. In order to ensure that calibration and repairs are carried out effectively, a fixed repair service is carried out.

Please forward your requests for calibrations and repairs to the location where the product was purchased. If you are unsure where it was bought, contact Tohnichi.

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Overseas calibration and repair

Tohnichi has established an overseas repair and calibration licensee system to ensure quality after-sales services in Asia outside Japan. The system certifies competence in repairs and periodic calibrations, and monitors and inspects repair and calibration facilities and equipment. The list below provides information on recently certified agents and torque device categories. * Note: Tohnichi Manufacturing’s overseas subsidiaries (Tohnichi America, N.V. Tohnichi Europe S.A. and Tohnichi Shanghai Mfg.) cover all categories.

Agent name Country or region License category
United Faith Ltd. China 1-6
Che Scientific Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hong Kong 1 , 3-6
Tai Chong Company, Ltd. Taiwan 1-6
Chanchai Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. Thailand 1-6
Utech Vietnam Co., Ltd. Vietnam 1-6
Tools and Machinery Parts Supplies Sdn Bhd Malaysia 1 , 4 , 6
PT. Citra Sukses Ekapratama Indonesia 1 , 3-6
Nasional Makmur Sejahtera, PT Indonesia 1 , 3-6
Ingersoll Rand Technologies Services Private Limited India 1 , 4 , 6
Modern Traders India 1 , 3-6
Dong Lim Trading Inc. South Korea 1-6
Heung Jin Trading Co., Ltd. South Korea 1 , 4-6
Cretec Co., Ltd. South Korea 1-6
Category number Contents
1 Small and mid-size torque wrenches (under 500 N・m)
2 Large torque wrenches (at least 500 N・m)
3 Torque screwdrivers
4 Pneumatic tightening devices: A/AC
5 Digital torque devices
6 Testers and calibration devices




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Tohnichi provides a variety of torque engineering seminars at our "Torque Centers" in Tokyo, Osaka, and Belgium (newly opened at the Tohnichi Europe facility in 2006).

Tohnichi also offers visiting seminars throughout the world upon the client's request. The program depends on the client's skill level, including the basic knowledge of torque, how to chose and use torque products, the method of calibration and repairs for torque products, etc.

For details, please contact your local distributors, or e-mail Tohnichi at:

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