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Before Service

Technical Laboratory and Showroom Opening

Our technical laboratories and showrooms are open to the public. A wide variety of demonstrations including bolt-tightening force measurement, precise measurement of torque, error proofing, and ergonomically analyses are available for training and specific application assistance. Our showrooms normally feature Tohnichi's main products so that customers can see how the actual products function prior to purchasing.

Torque Engineering Seminars

Tohnichi’s torque engineering seminars are held regularly at our “Torque Centers”. We offer several programs oriented towards the business and level required such as considering the necessity for torque instruments, the key points for tightening torque, the correct method of using torque instruments, and repair and calibration for torque tools. These seminars are ideal for employee training and quality improvement initiatives. In foreign countries, seminars are also carried out upon request at your facilities. For more details, please contact Tohnichi or your nearest distributor.

Web Services

The Tohnichi website provides easy and quick searching for all products including specifications, and accessories. The website also offers a wide variety of torque-related information including technical materials, product catalogs, instruction manuals, CAD drawings, and FAQs.

Technical Reference Materials on Torque Control

Tohnichi has published a number of papers addressing the basics of bolt tightening and assurance systems.

Reference materials are available to download through the Tohnichi website.

(1) Torque Control Methods

(2) The Bolt-Tightening Assurance System

(3) Loosening Mechanisms of Bolt-Tightened Bodies

(4) Determining Tightening Torque and Tolerances
(5) How to Choose Tightening Tools

Assistance for ISO 9000 certification

We will support your efforts to create a quality assurance system for torque device calibrations, traceability, etc., as required for ISO 9000 certification. In addition, our products come with a calibration certificate free of charge.

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