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Tohnichi CUD Engagement

CUD stands for Color Universal Design.


Every human perceives color differently. People do not necessarily perceive color in the same way. In Japan, more than 5 million people see color somewhat differently from the norm because of different genes or eye disorders.

To accommodate such differences in viewing color, CUD (Color Universal Design) is designed to provide the same color information to as many people as possible.


CUD design takes into account the fact that inconsistent color schemes tend to increase the number of colors without any specific order. This takes design back to square one, placing priority on information that needs to be communicated, while respecting audience impressions and sensibilities. This results in a presentation that all people can relate to, regardless of individual color perception.


Tohnichi Manufacturing’s websites, products and documents incorporate CUD concepts, using our own Tohnichi Unified Design (TUD) to ensure that our color arrangements and displays are easily distinguishable and easy on the eye for as many people as possible, regardless of individual differences in color perception.

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