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After Service

Issuing of Calibration Certificates

All Tohnichi products are provided with a calibration certificate free of charge at the time of delivery, making it possible for you to begin using the equipment immediately upon delivery. In addition, we can test your equipment after a specified period has elapsed from the date of purchase, and then re-issue certificates for calibration and traceability with a charge. See “Comprehensive Guide to All Tohnichi Torque Devices” for the fee schedule.

Calibration and Repair Services

Expert calibration and timely repair help ensure the maximum useful life of your equipment, minimizing its overall cost over the long run. In order to ensure that calibration and repairs are carried out effectively, a fixed repair service is carried out.

Workshops for Repair and Adjustment

As measuring tools, torque equipment may need periodic overhauling. Power tools in particular contain rotating parts and thus require special skills for disassembly and repair. In order for your service personnel to repair and adjust the equipment appropriately, Tohnichi offers workshops on repair and adjustment. We also sell special tools for specific repair needs. Please contact Tohnichi or nearest distributor with any requests you might have.

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Parts Supplies

Tohnichi supplies consumable parts for all its standard products, facilitating prompt repair by users and service agents. The corresponding part numbers are conveniently located in our Parts List, which can be ordered through Tohnichi or the nearest distributor. The parts list is also available to view on the Tohnichi website. For optimal efficiency, the parts inventories are managed by computer system.

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