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Tightening Assurance System

Tohnichi’s tightening assurance system eliminates various mistakes that occur during bolt tightening operations, and advises users how to perform tightening operations properly. For example: “About 1.5 million final tightening operations, with zero human tightening errors!” One manufacturer says that two and a half years after beginning to use Tohnichi’s tightening assurance system, the system has reduced human tightening errors to zero at their factory and ensures proper control over all torque operations. These Tohnichi products are required to establish a system to prevent a wide range of problems.

Inspection Data Management System

We also supply torque devices for torque data processes that control retightening torque data gathered during the pre-shipping inspection process, and for processes that leave evidence of tightening torque data during small-lot manufacturing.

Management system for manual tools

Controlling torque properly requires properly controlled torque devices. Tohnichi supplies torque devices for periodic calibrations of torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers, and for routine inspections.

Tightening assurance system (Pokayoke)

Human tightening errors are the most common cause of trouble involving bolt tightening. We supply wired and wireless devices designed to prevent human tightening errors by controlling tightening count, and marking devices that automatically leave evidence on the heads of bolts and small screws indicating they have been tightened properly to the set torque.

Management system for pneumatic tools

Tohnichi offers torque devices for the periodic calibration of multiple units (nutrunners), and torque devices for routine inspections.

Tightening data control system for pneumatic tools

Information available on multiple units (nutrunners) that can be incorporated with torque sensors.

Tightening data control system for manual tools

Our lineup includes torque devices that have proven their reliability in controlling torque. The lineup includes digital torque wrenches equipped with Bluetooth®, and click-type torque wrenches capable of wireless transmissions of tightening data.

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