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Worldwide Services

Tohnichi’s International Service Network

Tohnichi sales and service agencies now operate in 80 countries or regions through 200 dealers, supplying products and calibration/repair services to customers around the world. Services requiring specific technical skills are provided by the Tohnichi headquarters in Tokyo for the Asia, Oceania and Africa regions, by Tohnichi America for the North/South American and Canadian regions, and by Tohnichi Europe for the European and Russian regions.

The World’s Premier Brand

Tohnichi torque products, as the world’s top brand, are now used by choice in over 100 countries or regions worldwide, and also MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) enables our JCSS calibration certificates to be globally valid. Tohnichi production facilities satisfy ISO and other national standards, which indicate a top global player in the torque product field.

English Services

All documents of Tohnichi products, including instruction manuals, calibration certificates and parts lists, are published in both Japanese and English to be used overseas. This torque handbook is also available in English in addition to Japanese in order to aid employee communication for companies expanding worldwide. Tohnichi also publicizes and provides the information such as product information, instruction manuals, and so on at its English website.

Overseas Seminars

Tohnichi conducts technical seminars relevant to torque tightening in the global market place in order to enhance quality improvement of clients’ industrial products in countries worldwide. Seminar materials are also prepared in English and other languages and distributed free of charge for use in the training of overseas local employees.

Technical Laboratory and Showroom at Overseas

Tohnichi actively offers the various kinds of torque related information and torque solutions at overseas too. Tohnichi Shanghai/Tohnichi America/Tohnichi Europe always exhibits Tohnichi major products at their showroom, and visitors can actually have a try our products in here. Also seminars for torque products' usage are regularly held in there, and that contributes to enhance the quality of industrial products overseas.

Tohnichi Shanghai Manufacturing showroom


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