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The history of Tohnichi for 65 years is the history of torque Tools in Japan.

Tohnichi Manufacturing was established in 1949.

In that period when the idea of quality control had not yet taken root in the manufacturing industry in Japan, Tohnichi focused on the importance of screw tightening control and developed the country’s first torque wrench.

The control of torque is fundamental for quality control in various industries, particularly the automobile industry, and over the following 65 years Tohnichi has developed as the leading company for torque products.


Tohnichi Establishment & Torque Wrech

In May 1949, Tohnichi Manufacturing was established through a tie-up between Shu Tsuji, who had led the technical team at the Hitachi Aircraft Company, and Shizuo Nanbu of Tokyo Koki Seizosho Ltd. Tohnichi developed Japan's first torque wrench in 1951, acquiring a major pillar of development. In 1956, Tohnichi developed a torque wrench that used a toggle mechanism followed by a torque screwdriver and torque meter in 1957.

Episode.1 Birth of Japan's First Torque Wrench


Tokyo Factory and Production Growing

Ten years after the foundation, Tohnichi first company factory, Omori factory was built. The amount of production doubled in one year. The Omori factory was expanded afterwards in 1976. Tsukuba factory in 1969, Kofu factory in 1974 and Kofu second factory in 1986 were built in sequence. Tohnichi current production system has been established.

The world first Air Torque Wrench

The world first Pneumatic Torque Wrench, “Unitork” was developed, and it changed into tightening operation by the power, and brought dramatic improvement of the work efficiency. The Unitork was awarded Tokyo invention prize, and Tohnichi remarkable torque technology has caught the attention of the whole world.

Episode.2 Design Ideology of Tohnichi Founder, Shu Tsuji


To Europe and America

After the first order from Huber Company in Austria in 1971, Tohnichi has set Tohnichi sales network in Sweden, Denmark, the former West Germany, England, Italy, Greece and Spain. Tohnichi first overseas office was started from Dusseldorf, Germany in August 1971. In 1980s, Tohnichi Europe and Tohnichi America has been established, and Tohnichi torque technologies have begun to be exported to the world.


Quality Improvement

With the spread of quality control idea, Tohnichi as a torque wrench manufacture was expected socially. Torque seminars, explanation of the torque equipment and tightening management were often held, and Tohnichi torque management manual was produced. As well as Japanese, it is translated into English, Chinese, Korean and many languages and the knowledge has been spread all over the world.

Episode.3 Achievement of Total Sales of 1 Million Torque Tools


Advanced Function with Industrial Design

“High-Quality Product” means with advanced function with upgrade intelligence. Reviewed Tohnichi services and products, and introduced industrial design to develop products. Tohnichi products design changed to be more user-friendly and comfortable to use.


Provision of Torque Knowledge

In 1999, the 50th anniversary of the establishment,“ Torque Center” as a base of outbound service was opened. "Also,“ Torque Handbook” covered much technical information of torque was published, and Tohnichi service has been expanded." Tohnichi have started exhibition to international trade show such as Tokyo Motor Show and Koelnmesse, and begun to show knowledge of the torque equipments.


Widespread Tohnichi Global Network

As Tohnichi entered the 21st century, it has proceeded to expand its manufacturing and sales bases both in Japan and overseas. In 2002, Tohnichi established a manufacturing base in Shanghai, China, while in 2006 it set up a Torque Center in Tohnichi Europe to begin service and support for users and dealers in the EU zone. In 2008, the Tohnichi subsidiary Tohnichi America opened its Atlanta Office to enhance support for users and dealers in the southern United States. In the future, Tohnichi will continue to globalize its manufacturing, sales, and servicing to contribute even further to worldwide safety and assurance through its torque technology.

Episode.4 Supporting the Needs of the Era for Safety of Large-size Vehicle Wheels with the TW1000N


Further Evolution

As a top maker of torque tools, Tohnichi will establish "Tohnichi Technical Center" which becomes a base of torque technology. In manufacturers of the torque tools, Tohnichi firstly expects setting up "a torque standard room "officially registered by measurement law and also establish "Product examination room" for the breakdown test of torque wrench/driver and "measurement room" for various analyses. Besides, solar panels are installed on the roof of Tohnichi Technical Center, machine processing factory, and product warehouse. Tohnichi contributes to prevention of global warming by the CO2 reduction.

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