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There is alwaysa Tohnichi Torque Solution

Tohnichi Torque Equipment is used in every industry.

Fitting Nuts of Vehicle Tires

As a common usage example, there is torque management when changing a tire. Tohnichi global standard model, QL series with resin grip and metal handle model QL-MH are used for passenger cars, and DQLE2 models and TW2 are used for large vehicle maintenance.

Tohnichi torque wrenches are also used for motor-sports vehicles. Under inspection or before racing, Tohnichi torque wrenches help to prevent issues caused by lack of torque control.

Plastic Bottle Lid

Opening lids on plastic bottles and aluminum cans is controlled using rotary torque. To keep the torque within usable ranges that are comfortable for consumers, manufactures use Tohnichi digital torque meter TME2 and analog TM.

Aviation & Communications

In the field of aviation, one bad fastener tightening may cause serious accidents. In space exploration, satellite maintenance and global communication, a defect in bolt tightening may cause errors. Tohnichi torque drivers and wrenches are used in these fields.

When tightening connectors, torque control is certainly important — and not just to prevent connector breakage from over-tightening. For example, for high-frequency GHz-band measurement, our NSP100CNX8 torque control is used to obtain uniform measurement conditions for extremely strict reliability testing.


In fact, Tohnichi torque equipment is used in the cosmetic industry.

Tohnichi torque gauge, ATGE and BTGE series are used for rotary torque inspection in product development and manufacturing. The rotary torque inspection is suitable for developing cosmetic packaging.

Ocean Construction

For the development of oceanic resources, oil/gas product platforms, storage and shipping facilities are constructed. Tohnichi large-scale torque wrenches, QLE2, CLE2, DQLE2, PHLE2 are separated into two pieces, the body and extension bar for storage.

Tohnichi provides a great variety of interchangeable heads, for various application choices.

Solar and Wind Power Generation

Tohnichi torque products are used in the field of solar energy and wind power generated electricity. These facilities are built outside, and make power supply without any trouble. To manage solar panel mounting, the Tohnichi torque wrench provides proper torque assurance.

During periodic tool checks, after retightening measurements are performed, the results are added to a database for subsequent control measures. This is another way Tohnichi tools contribute to the pursuit of natural energy sources for a better global environment.

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