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Battery type semi-automatic torque wrench
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Electric Power

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For battery-charge type for excellent workability. Semi-automatic electric torque wrenches let you use your existing torque wrench tester for calibrating.

HAC100N battery-operated semi-automatic electric torque wrench (* Note: Shown attached to optional large-capacity battery)

Greater choice in our series lineup. Compact, lightweight HA25N (* shown connected to optional lightweight battery)

Example of use of HAC series tools

The HACQSPDY/HACQSPDY series is ideal for the Tightening Assurance System, which transmits tightening torque data wirelessly with Bluetooth®.


  • Cell production and assembly work on a sub-line
  • Tightening Data Management System
  • Provides evidence in the form of tightening torque data


  • Far cheaper than an electric hand nutrunner, yet offers high precision torque control.
  • Generally, provisional tightening is done with an electric screwdriver, and then final tightening is done with a torque wrench. But now both provisional and final tightening can be done with a single tool. With “No Wasted Time” there’s no need to switch tools.
  • Provisional tightening is done with a labor-saving brushless electric motor. Final tightening can be done with a torque wrench with ±3% torque control accuracy.
  • Maintenance-free! Uses a durable brushless motor, so there’s no need to ever change brushes.
  • Cordless! Rechargeable battery powers the electric motor for provisional tightening. No power cable for DAC, so no worry about reduced workability or failure caused by a cut cable.
  • Pokayoke (error proofing) is cordless too! Tightened-to-completion signals are transmitted by Bluetooth®, making it easy to build a Pokayoke system to prevent human tightening errors. Cordless operations result in excellent workability, with no worry about cords getting cut.
  • No need for special controller connection. Cordless, so no worries when moving about on the production line, and no need to repair cords.
  • Provisional tightening possible with three-step torque adjustment. With a Bluetooth®-equipped computer, setting software lets you change provisional tightening torque. (* Note: Software available for downloading free of charge.)
  • The software lets you change tightening mode. The setting software can also switch from one mode to the other. Tightening mode 1: For provisional tightening that connects multiple flange bolts. Tightening mode 2: After provisional tightening, if final tightening is missed the next provisional tightening cannot be done. (* Note: Software available for downloading free of charge.)
  • Able to calibrate with a torque wrench tester currently in use. No need for a special calibration device, so traceability at the control level is equal to that achieved with a torque wrench.
  • The compact, lightweight HA25N was launched on the market on January 25, 2016.
  • HAQSPDY/HACQSPDY Series models are capable of sending tightening torque data over wireless connections (Bluetooth(R)), and can be ordered by request only. With the “TDMS/TDMSHT” (Ver. 2.00 or higher) products launched in March 2017, users can construct tightening data management systems.
  • Except for some products, the HA/HAC/HACQSPDY series are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. For more information, see the technical data “Initiatives for ISO 6789:2017” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Can use wireless Bluetooth® technology to manage HACQSPDY tightening data. * Use Excel® on your computer to manage data received via the free DtRcv (Data Receiver) software. DtRcv is included in software under the screen. (Setting software included.)

Demonstration video

Product info: HAC battery-operated semi-automatic electric torque wrenches


Model HA25N HAC25N HAC50N HAC100N HAC140N HAC200N
MIN. ~ MAX. 5~25 10~50 20~100 30~140 40~200
GRAD. 0.25 0.5 1 2
FREE ROTATION[r.p.m.] 1000(850) 1100(850) 1000 580
COMMON STEEL M8 M10 M12(M14) M16 (M18)
HIGH TENSION (M7) M8 M10 M12 (M14)
MAX. HAND FORCE P[N] 98 85 169 294 347 412
EFFECTIVE LENGTH 256 295 340 403.5 485.5
OVERALL LENGTH L’ 406 445 491 557 640
L” 435 474 520 586 669
HEIGHT 66 74 75.5 83
WIDTH 34 45 48.5
SQ. DRIVE □a 9.53 12.7
11 14
HEAD 16 17 18.8 20
WEIGHT[kg] 1.5 1.9 2.4 2.8 3.6
※When set provisional tightening torque of HA25N, HAC25N and HAC50N as low level, non-load
 rotation speed is about 850 rpm.
※Setting for prpvisonal tihtening torque
Provisonal tihtening torque HA25N HAC25N HAC50N HAC100N HAC140N HAC200N
High(Setting on shipment) about 5N・m about 11N・m about 17.5N・m about 30N・m
Middle about 4N・m about 8.5N・m about 15N・m about 25N・m
Low about 3N・m about 4N・m about 10N・m about 17N・m
How to order.
①HA25N(only body)
③HAC100N+BP1850C+BC18YSL3(body+battery+battery charger)
④HAC140N+BP1830C+BC18YSL3+R-BT(body+battery+battery charger+bluetooth® receiber)
■Bluetooth® output specifications        
Version V3.0        
Communication Method AFH        
Modulation System GFSK        
Wireless Output 4bBm        
Transmission Power Class Class2        
Profile SPP        
Transmitting Receiving Distance 約10m        
■Comminication Specifications      
Baud Rate Depends on host device      
Parity None      
Date Length 8bit      
Stop Bits 1bit      
Flow Control Hardware (RTS / CTS)      
※Bluetooth®is registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.      
  • HA/HAC conforms to telecommunication standards in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, and Malaysia. R-BT conforms to telecommunication standards in Japan, the U.S., Canada, the EU, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, and Russia. (Information valid as of September 2019.) For other countries and regions, please contact Tohnichi.

  • The HA/HAC/HACQSPDY series are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. Calibration Certificates will be different from older products. American unit products are not compliant with ISO 6789:2017.

  • Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

  • Excel® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.



HA/HAC series battery-operated semi-automatic torque wrenches


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