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Pokayoke Torque Wrench


Marking torque wrench
RoHS markingRacquet gear 24

Prevents human tightening errors (Pokayoke)


Ratchet Head

Quick Drying Ink

Pokayoke (error-proofing) marking torque wrench. Lets you make direct visual checks for bolt tightening errors.

MQSP100N [Overall length: 315 mm]

Marked bolt (red φ9)

Marked bolt (blue φ5)

Marking torque wrench "MQSPFD/MQSPFDD" equipped with the FD/FDD transmitter, with which you can ensure in a later process or even after shipment that tightening was correctly performed; can be custom-made after receiving an order.

This is an operating animation for the marking mechanism.


  • Pokayoke (tightening assurance).


  • When the torque wrench is activated the bolt head is marked.
  • Oversight preventable by quick visual check on the bolts.
  • Marking is not done until set torque is achieved.
  • Marking stays on by use of quick dry ink.
  • Extending the socket with the extension bar permits tightening and marking in deeply inset places.
  • Ink cartridges are easy to install inside specialized socket.
  • Only hand force required for tightening a bolt and marking the bolt simultaneously.
  • One refill of ink is capable of approximately 6,000 times of stamping.
  • Height of the stamp is adjustable (±5 mm).
  • The MQSP series is compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. For more information, see the technical data “Initiatives for ISO 6789:2017” at the bottom of the screen.


Accuracy ±3%
TORQUE RANGE[N・m] MIN.~MAX. 10~50 20~100 30~140 40~200
TORQUE RANGE[kgf・cm] MIN.~MAX. 100~500 200~1000 400~1400 400~2000
TORQUE RANGE[lbf・in] MIN.~MAX. 100~400 100~750 300~1000 350~1600
MAX.HAND FORCE[N] 281 398 444 500
EFFECTIVE LENGTH L 178 251 315 400
OVERALL LENGTH L' 240 315 380 465
HEAD R 16 17 18.8 20
H1 40.6 43 45.1 46
BODY ℓ1 121 153 183
A 41 40.6
D 34 27
ℓ2 89 107 75
B 4
WEIGHT[kg] 0.7 1 1.1 1.8
  • When ordering a torque wrench, be sure to specify the socket width that matches your bolt size, and purchase together with the torque wrench.

  • To learn how to select adapter, sockets, markers and auxiliary ink, see accessories for MPQL, MQL and MQSP models.

  • Products are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. Calibration Certificates will be different from older products.




To learn how to select adapter, sockets, markers and auxiliary ink, see accessories for MPQL, MQL and MQSP models.

◆ How to order

In case of Torque wrench: MPQL100N4, Width=17mm, Extension bar: unnecessary, Marker head: MK53RB, Ink: red

[Example 1] TohnichiMPQL100N4 + No.1705 + No.1780 + No.1770

◆ Things to remember when ordering

Socket is specifically designed for marking. A socket bought on the local market cannot be used.

Alternative product

Optional Equipment

Testers, checkers, calibration kits




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