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Error-proofing (Pokayoke) torque driverNEW


Preset, non-rotary slip, marking Error-proofing (Pokayoke) torque driver
RoHS marking



Non-rotary slip

Quick Drying Ink

A world first! When the set torque is achieved, it automatically marks evidence of proper tightening on the heads of small screws and bolts. It determines whether tightening has been missed by detecting the presence or absence of marks, at the end of the manufacturing process and after shipping. MNTD series Error-proofing (Pokayoke) torque drivers mark small screws and bolts after tightening, as a human tightening error countermeasure.

MNTD120CN [L1'=150mm]

MNTD260CN [L1'=152mm]

MNTD500CN [L1'=168mm]

Marking examples: Left: On M4 small bolt (blue) Right: On M4 small pan head bolt (red)


  • Torque control for bolts and screws
  • Prevents human tightening errors (Pokayoke)


  • Determines whether tightening has been missed, by detecting the presence or absence of tightened-to-completion marks. This prevents human tightening errors. (* Patent pending)
  • It is common to use a pen to mark work after tightening with a torque screwdriver, but with a Tohnichi marking tool the two actions are combined into one, improving productivity.
  • When set torque is achieved, marking is done automatically, eliminating the possibility of an operator otherwise forgetting to mark work.
  • Clearly identifiable marks provide evidence of tightening to the required torque, and this evidence remains even after manufacturing and shipping.
  • One marker (sold separately) can mark about 1,000 times. Selection of two colors: red and blue.
  • Marker positioning is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of bolts and screws. (* For further details, refer to the PDF catalog.)
  • Lineup includes a total of 7 types of Phillips (+) and hex bits for MNTD series products. (Sold separately)
  • A non-rotary slip (click type) torque screwdriver. It is the same as models in the LTD/NTD series that create negligible jolting during tightened-to-completion rotary slip.
  • Markings on bolt and screw heads can be detected in image form using an industrial level CCD camera, permitting unmanned inspections.

Demonstration video

Product info: MNTD marking torque driver


MIN.~MAX. 40~120 100~260 200~500
MIN.~MAX. 4~12 10~26 20~50
MIN.~MAX. 4~10 10~22 20~40
SMALL SCREW (M3.5) M4(M4.5) M5,M6
TAPPING SCREW M3(M3.5) M4 (M4.5)
L’ 150 152 168
GRIP D1 24 30.5 33
BODY D2 30 36.5 39
D3 15
D4 33 41  
L1 91.5 94 110
L2 72 74.5 91
L4 34.5
HANDLE d   8
R   120
WEIGHT[g] 220 320 425

Note 1: Special bits and markers are required during use. Select the body, special bits and marker that suit your purposes, then place your order.

Note 2: Use screws and bolts with head diameters of at least 5.5 mm.

Note 3: Cannot mark locking bolts or screws with hex holes.

Note 4: Black screws and bolts may reduce mark visibility. If you consider adopting this system, we recommend that you first conduct tests.

Note 5: If the device is used horizontally or facing up, marking may be somewhat impaired. If you plan to use it horizontally or facing up, please contact Tohnichi for guidance.

Standard accessory

Auxiliary handle (standard accessory only for the MNTD500CN), resin grip (green; standard accessory only for the MNTD120CN and MNTD 260CN).




◆ How to order

Specify Tohnichi, model name and torque value.

Example: Tohnichi MNTD260CN×T free + No.1601 + No.1622

When purchasing a MNTD series product, please specify “Tohnichi”, model and torque value.

◆ Things to remember when ordering
  • Standard bits available in the local market cannot be used. Be sure to use bits for an MNTD model.

  • Torque values for these torque screwdrivers must be matched to the torque screwdriver tester being used.

  • If you do not have a tester, be sure to specify the torque (set torque) you will apply.

  • If you do not specify the set torque, a calibration certificate will not be provided.

  • Specified torque will be set free of charge before shipping only for newly ordered products.


Pokayoke (error-proofing)

Optional Equipment

Testers, checkers, calibration kits


Product Catalog

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