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Auxiliary equipment, torque screwdrivers, special tools for torque wrenches

DA down adapter

Square drive that is one size smaller, making it easier to use than a conventional socket due to the height.

Adjusting tools for DB

This set of pliers is used to adjust the torque for dial type torque wrenches and torque checkers.

Adjusting tool for LTD and RTD

This tool is used for the torque adjustment (zero point) of LTD and RTD torque screwdrivers.

Preset hook spanner wrenches for LTD, RTD and MNTD

Easily set the torque of medium and large-size LTD, RTD and MNTD.

Torque adjusting bar for NTD and RNTD

This tool is used to set the torque of NTD and RNTD preset torque screwdrivers.

Adjusting tool for QLE

This tool is used to set the torque of large adjustable QLE torque wrenches.

Adjusting tools for QSP3

For setting torque for preset torque wrenches SP2, RSP2 and QSPCA


If the torque value is high, making turning difficult with No. 930, use No. 932 to make setting torque easier.

Thrust ring tool for SP

For setting torque for SP, RSP, QSP, and CSP preset torque wrenches


  • For the NSP100CNX8, the torque adjusting tool is No. A1 (No. 310).

  • SP2 and RSP2 series models are adjusting tools (Nos. 931 and 930) for QSP3.


Color ringNEW

Caps come in red, blue, green and black for easy color differentiation of torque wrenches.


* Note: No. 882 (black) is incorporated in the torque wrench body.

Resin handle for torque driver

Evertorque, the lubricant for repairing torque tools

For repairing torque wrenches and torque drivers.

Carrying case


  • Nos. 842 and 843 are the yellow type shown on the left side of the image.

  • Nos. 844 to 847 are the black type shown on the right side of the image.


Protection coverNEW

Attached to the head of the ratchet with a torque wrench and exchange head

Tightening tool

This tool facilitates tightening with a large LTD screwdriver.
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