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No battery wireless Pokayoke torque wrench
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Prevents human tightening errors (Pokayoke)

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Solar power type

Now also available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Torque wrench with wireless “pokayoke” error proofing to prevent missed tightening, using the Energy Harvest system for solar power generation. No need to change batteries, eliminating battery expense and bothersome battery replacements. The R-BL receiver has been upgraded to the R-CM, which is downward compatible.





Shown with M-BLA wireless module and BA-8R AC adaptor connected to R-CM Wireless Receiver with Interchangeable Modules


  • Pokayoke error-proof system helps prevent human error when tightening bolts and screws
  • Assembly line interlock control system using tightening count control
  • Pokayoke (error-proof) system / Tightening control system


  • Conforms with technical standards of the U.S. and Canada.
  • A world first! Uses the “Energy Harvest” solar power generation system.
  • No need to change batteries, reducing cost and time, and no dead batteries to dispose of. Result: A more eco-friendly torque wrench.
  • Doesn’t require much light for regular use! Under normal interior illumination in an ordinary factory and powered only by a solar panel, the device can transmit tightened-to-completion signals for a Pokayoke (error-proofing) system.
  • Easy set up. When you hear the “Click!” the transmitter/receiver setting is done. Just operate the torque wrench to set the transmitter/receiver setting. * For the R-BLA, place the unit in Set Mode, then operate the torque wrench.
  • Many Tohnichi LS-type torque wrenches that are currently in use can be converted into battery-less, wireless Pokayoke torque wrenches. The limit switch component on 278 models of Tohnichi’s wired LS-type torque wrenches can be converted by customers on their own, to upgrade their existing models at a low cost. 156 models in Tohnichi’s lineup of 278 LS-type torque wrenches can be shipped with the T-BL transmitter mounted. For further details, refer to the catalog.
  • The T-BLA/QLBLA is for use only in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The T-BLE/QLBLE model is available for use in the EU and China. The T-BL/QLBL is for use only in Japan.
  • The QLBLA series is compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. For more information, see the technical data “Initiatives for ISO 6789:2017” at the bottom of the screen.


MODEL Receiver          
DISPLAY Status lamp
INPUT / OUTPUT Relay x 4
Reset-in, LS-in
POWER DC24V(18~36V)
Power consumption
less than 5W
MATERIAL OF CASE PBT Plastic          
0~50℃ Less than 85% RH no condensation          
MODEL Wireless module      
M-FH M-FD M-BLA      
FREQUENCY BAND 2.4GHzband (2.402GHz~2.479GHz、1MHz interval 78ch) 902.875MHz      
COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Spread spectrum(frequency hopping system)      
MODULATION RATE 250kbps/1Mbps 1Mbps 125kbps      
GROUP CHANNEL 256(000~255)      
ID 3digit (000~999)、7digit (alphanumeric) ID 8 digits fixed, not selectable      
ANTENNA Dipole antenna×2 Dipole antenna      
0~50℃ Less than 85% RH no condensation      
New method:About 20 to 30m
Old method:About 10 to 20m
About 10 to 20m      

Note 1: This product can be used in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

Note 2: Effective distance between transmitter and receiver depends on radio wave environment. In some cases it may be shorter than expected.

* Note: Causes of transmission errors include: ambient noise; an obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver; dead points caused by signal reflection from metal, concrete, or other material that prevents direct transmission to the receiver antenna.

* Note 3: Solar cells power the transmitter, so the equipment should be used in lighting conditions exceeding 200lx.

* If starting with a battery at zero charge, under lighting of 200lx about 3 minutes are required before first transmission.

* At full battery charge, under completely dark conditions (0lx), signals would still be emitted for more than 1,800 tightening operations.

* After full battery charge is reached, if the unit is stored in complete darkness (0lx), the charge would be depleted after about 6 days.

* Even while the torque wrench is in operation, the solar cells will still charge the unit under lighting of at least 200lx, so there is no need to charge fully before use.

*SI unit products and metric unit products in the QLBLA series are compliant with ISO 6789:2017 starting January 2022. Calibration Certificates will be different from older products. American unit products are not compliant with ISO 6789:2017.



◆ How to order

Specify Tohnichi, model name and torque value.

[Example 1] Tohnichi QLBLA25N5 + R-FHSET

* R-FHSET is a set composed of wireless modules for BLA and the R-CM receiver.

[Example 2] Tohnichi SPBLA38N2X27X30N・m

When ordering a preset torque wrench, please specify “Tohnichi”, the model, and the torque value.

◆ Things to remember when ordering

This product can be used in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia.


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