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Wireless digital torque wrenches CEM3-BT/CEM3-G-BT and CEM3-BTA/CEM3-G-BTA can now also be used in Indonesia.

Two of Tohnichi’s Bluetooth-equipped digital torque wrench series conform to wireless telecommunication standards in Indonesia.




Our Online Part Search System has been updated.

The Tohnichi online parts search system makes it easy to look for parts that are needed when repairing torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, and other tools. Information contained in the search system has recently been upgraded.

The upgrade includes

  • The parts list for the ALS100N3 and ALS180N3.

  • We have updated the parts list for the heads with protective rubber cover for the DB420N, CDB420NX22D-S, and DBE models.


Access the Tohnichi online parts search system here.

* Please note that membership is required to access the Tohnichi online parts search system.


Volume 9 of the Tohnichi Torque Handbook is now available.

The Tohnichi Torque Handbook, known in the industry as the “Torque Control Bible,” has been updated as Volume 9 and is now available.


To request a copy, please click here.



We have expanded our line of ALS3 series semi-automatic torque wrenches, which use the poka-yoke (human tightening error prevention) system.

Two models have been added to the ALS3 series of semi-automatic torque wrenches, which use the poka-yoke (human tightening error prevention) system for low provisional torque tightening. The ALS3 series lets you use just one tool for work that would normally have been carried out with two tools: an impact wrench for provisional tightening, then a torque wrench for final tightening. The result is that you have greater work efficiency.


[Newly added models] ALS100N3 and ALS180N3


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