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Torque Verification Equipment

We supply Pokayoke (error-proofing) counters and optional wireless Pokayoke transmitters for controlling tightening count, using signals indicating the tightened-to-completion operations of our LS-type torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers.

Torque Verification Equipment


The error-proofing (Pokayoke) counter controls the number of tightening operations to prevent human tightening errors.

For tightning count verification, and production management.
Torque Verification Equipment


Manage 4 tightening signals from receiver and output to external device.

Maximum 4 contacts selectable from R-FH256.
Torque Verification Equipment


Make/change setting on group channel, ID, etc. for FH wireless torque wrenches.

Make/change setting on group channel, ID, etc. for FH wireless torque wrenches.
Torque Verification Equipment


Bluetooth Receiver receives tightening completion signals from battery-operated HAC series semi-automatic torque wrenches, and outputs signals to a Pokayoke (error-proofing) counter such as the CNA-4mk3. It can also receive tightening torque data transmitted from a HACQSPDY device, making it easy to create a tightening data management system.

Receives tightened-to-completion signals from battery-operated semiautomatic torque wrenches in the HAC series.
Tightening assurance system (Pokayoke) to prevent human tightening errors.
Tightening data management system using HACQSPDY
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