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Protocol converter
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The protocol converter connects Tohnichi products to systems that have other configured protocols


  • It establishes a system that can use a variety of tools to match the output format of Tohnichi products with production line nutrunner protocols.
  • It establishes a system for converting the output of Tohnichi’s Pokayoke (error-proofing) R-CM receiver to Ethernet.
  • Nutrunner backup system
  • It provides torque control for nutrunner tasks in difficult-to-reach confined spaces.
  • It is used for preventing human tightening errors (Pokayoke) and managing tightening torque data.


  • Convert Tohnichi output format to a wide variety of protocols in your network. You can select from four protocols, including Atlas Copco Open Protocol. TPC model: ACOP serial / ACOP socket / Stanley / Custom TPC2 model: ACOP serial / ACOP socket / ToolsNet / Custom
  • Can convert to protocols you are using in your network. Tell us your protocol specifications for us to match specific requirements.
  • Can tag timestamps on tightening data. The built-in clock maintains the current time, so the device can add time-relevant data to output formats.
  • Receive VIN data by connecting to a barcode reader. Has two COM ports, permitting concurrent use with a barcode reader.
  • Can be connected to two different Tohnichi products. Has two COM ports, permitting connections to two different devices.
  • RS232C <=> Can be used as an Ethernet converter. Input data can be output without requiring protocol conversion, using RS232C-to-Ethernet conversion functionality.
  • Attachable on 35-mm wide DIN rail. Easy attachment for use in varied work environments.
  • See our catalog for system configuration examples for the TPC/TPC2 protocol converter.


Model TPC / TPC2  
Input / Output LAN × 1, RS232C × 1  
TPC applicable protocols ACOP serial / ACOP socket / STANLEY / CUSTOM  
TPC2 applicable protocols ACOP serial / ACOP socket / ToolsNet / CUSTOM  
Available Tohnichi models Receiver:R-CM+M-FH / M-FD / M-BLA / M-BLE, R-BT, R-FH256, R-FHD256
Torque tool:CEM3-BTA, PTA-G-BT  Display:CD5
Power source DC24V ( 18V ~ 36V )  
Body materials Body : Aluminum Panel : Resin  
Display Power status LED × 1, Communication status LED × 1  
Operating temperature 0 to 40℃  
  • Custom made protocol option: Specify your protocol specifications to learn possible options. Please consult Tohnichi in advance regarding the use of special protocols.

  • For models with the CEM3-BTA/CEM3-G-BTA name suffix, the TPC version must be 1.20 or higher, or the TPC2 model must be used.

  • To connect directly to a model with a CEM3-BTA/CEM3-G-BTA name suffix or to the PTA-BT/PTA-G-BT, a Bluetooth®-enabled receiver for converting to RS232C should be purchased from the open market.

  • For PTA-BT/PTA-G-BT models, the TPC/TPC2 version must be 1.30 or higher.

  • Comes with a backup battery to maintain the current time when not connected to a power source.

  • The BA-8W AC adaptor is required for converting AC 100V to 240V.

  • ATLAS COPCO is a registered trademark of Atlas Copco Aktiebolag.

  • ACOP and ToolsNet are registered trademarks of Atlas Copco Aktiebolag.

  • STANLEY is a registered trademark of Stanley Logistics, LLC.

  • ETHERNET is a trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries.

  • Other listed companies and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.




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