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Data Processing Equipment

Lineup includes: infrared data receivers and printers, Tightening Data Management System and battery pack for torque tools.

Data Processing Equipment


Package software that helps standard values management and early error detection.

It offers labor-saving data entry and prevents input mistakes.
For managing the tightening and inspection data.
Re-tightening inspections.
Management of torque data in tightening work.
Data Processing Equipment


TPC/TPC2 protocol converters connect with Tohnichi products, for converting Tohnichi output format to a wide variety of protocols in your network.

Data Processing Equipment


Measurement data can be processed in a computer.

Data processing software.
Data Processing Equipment


Measurement data is neatly printed.

Printer for Tohnichi digital torque meters and instruments.
Data Processing Equipment


Data tank to receive infrared data and output to PC or printer.

Interface for data transfer by infrared.
Data Processing Equipment


Permits continuous use for about 24 hours. The battery pack permits use of a Tohnichi digital torque device in locations out of reach of an AC power outlet. The BP-100-4 was discontinued in September 2019.

Portable battery pack for Tohnichi digital products.
Data Processing Equipment


The BP-100-4 battery pack is an upgraded version (upgraded on July 21, 2016) of the BP-100-3. Both versions let you power Tohnichi digital torque tools in places out of reach of an AC power outlet.

Portable battery pack for Tohnichi digital products.
The BP-100-3 model was updated to the BP-100-4 on July 21, 2016.
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