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Torque Wrench Checker

We also supply torque wrench checkers for daily checks, and checkers that facilitate nutrunner angle and torque checks.

Torque Wrench Checker


“Quick check” function now even more advanced. Comes with Pass/Fail Judgment color display, for easy result checking. Routine torque wrench inspections at line-side test stations are now easier and more accurate with Tohnichi’s digital torque wrench checkers in the LC3/LC3-G line checker series.

Tightening assurance system for torque wrench accuracy checks (routine inspections) at line-side test stations.
Calculates when the next calibration should be (preventive maintenance).
The LC20N3 can also be used as a torque checker for torque screwdrivers.
Torque Wrench Checker

ST3(-BT) / ST3-G(-BT)

ST3 is available in SI units in Japan. ST3-G CPT-G series products are manufactured for the global market and offer a selection of SI, metric and American units of measurement.

Checks nutrunner torque and angle on multi-spindle tightening equipment.
The ST3-BT and ST3-G-BT series are especially useful for checking torque and angle for rotation angle tightening into the plastic range.
Often used to good effect as a measuring device (standard accessory) for multi-spindle equipment nutrunners.
Checks the torque and angle of angle power tools and hand nutrunners.
The ST1000N3 is ideal for torque checking (routine inspections) of TW2 series torque wrenches used to tighten the wheel nuts of large vehicles, and the DQLE1000N2 torque wrench.
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