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Product Specifications/How To Use

Is the accuracy of Tohnichi torque devices stated as a percentage of “full scale” (F.S.) or "reading" (RD)?

Tohnichi offers RD products (RD = reading), not F.S (Full Scale) products. Our torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers are RD, as are our testers, torque gauges and torque meters, in both digital and analogue (mechanical) versions. The diagram below shows in simple terms the relationship between RD and F.S., as it pertains to ±3% accuracy. In the F.S. system, low-force torque accuracy is shown up to a maximum value of ±3%, so at a low torque force, ±3% F.S. would have considerable impact on accuracy. On the other hand, in the RD (reading) system, ±3% accuracy is for the displayed value in the measurement range (or torque adjustment range), so, even for a low torque force, the impact of ±3% would be the same.

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