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Inventory and Prices

Our system lets you view our current torque device inventory and product prices.

* Note: Prices are those listed for sale in Japan.

* Note: In many cases, even if Tohnichi doesn’t have the product you require in stock, it is often available at other outlets.

Bluetooth receiver NEW

Bluetooth Receiver receives tightening completion signals from battery-operated HAC series semi-automatic torque wrenches, and outputs signals to a Pokayoke (error-proofing) counter such as the CNA-4mk3. It can also receive tightening torque data transmitted from a HACQSPDY device, making it easy to create a tightening data management system.

Model/Type JAN code Inventory Prices
R-BT 4571141281321 Please contact us
BA-8 4571141281338 Please contact us
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