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Inventory and Prices

Our system lets you view our current torque device inventory and product prices.

* Note: Prices are those listed for sale in Japan.

* Note: In many cases, even if Tohnichi doesn’t have the product you require in stock, it is often available at other outlets.

Beam type Torque Wrench

For efficient bolt tightening operations even in confined places by ratchet function.

Model/Type JAN code Inventory Prices
QF60N 4560138440933 Please contact us
QF120N 4560138440988 Please contact us
QF220N 4560138440704 Please contact us
QF320N 4560138440759 Please contact us
QF420N 4560138440803 Please contact us
QF560N 4560138440834 Please contact us
QF700N 4560138440865 Please contact us
QF850N 4560138440896 Please contact us
QFR1050N 4560138441206 Please contact us
QFR1400N 4560138441237 Please contact us
QFR2100N 4560138441268 Please contact us
QFR2800N 4560138441299 Please contact us
QFR4200N 4560138441329 Please contact us
QFR6000N 4560138441350 Please contact us

Alternative product

Digital Torque Wrench

Eye-friendly dual display (LCD and LED).

Dial indicator torque wrench

Wide range and high accuracy. Global standard of inspection torque wrench.

Beam type Torque Wrench

Direct reading type for tightening and measuring.

Dial indicator torque wrench

Interchangeable head and dial indicating type torque wrench.

Digital Torque Wrench

Detects the original tightened torque applied on the bolt by re-tightening inspection.

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