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Inventory and Prices

Our system lets you view our current torque device inventory and product prices.

* Note: Prices are those listed for sale in Japan.

* Note: In many cases, even if Tohnichi doesn’t have the product you require in stock, it is often available at other outlets.

Click Type Torque Wrench

Knurled metal handle version of CL model.

Model/Type JAN code Inventory Prices
CL2NX8D-MH 4571141275580 Please contact us
CL5NX8D-MH 4571141275610 Please contact us
CL10NX8D-MH 4571141275641 Please contact us
CL15NX8D-MH 4571141275672 Please contact us
CL25NX10D-MH 4560138448991 Please contact us
CL50NX12D-MH 4560138449011 Please contact us
CL50NX15D-MH 4560138449035 Please contact us
CL100NX15D-MH 4560138449059 Please contact us
CL140NX15D-MH 4560138449073 Please contact us
CL200NX19D-MH 4560138449097 Please contact us
CL280NX22D-MH 4560138448977 Please contact us

Alternative product

Click Type Torque Wrench

Interchangeable head applicable for multi-purpose use.

Click Type Torque Wrench

Once set torque is achieved, even if more force is applied QSPCA does not add additional torque and prevent over-torque.

Click Type Torque Wrench

Combination of preset and adjustable type torque wrench with interchangeable heads.

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