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Inventory and Prices

Our system lets you view our current torque device inventory and product prices.

* Note: Prices are those listed for sale in Japan.

* Note: In many cases, even if Tohnichi doesn’t have the product you require in stock, it is often available at other outlets.

Wireless Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Ideal for tightening torque traceability system. Order acceptance of FHD256 ends on March 31, 2016. The successor model is FD/FDD.

Model/Type JAN code Inventory Prices
CSPFHD50N3-10Nx10D - Please contact us
CSPFHD50N3-25Nx10D - Please contact us
CSPFHD50N3x12D - Please contact us
CSPFHD100N3x15D - Please contact us
CSPFHD140N3x15D - Please contact us
CSPFHD200N3x19D - Please contact us
CSPFHD280N3x22D - Please contact us
CSPFHD420N3x22D - Please contact us

Alternative product

Wireless Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Transmits tightening torque data wirelessly at the click moment. Pass/fail judgment is known close at hand, providing excellent workability. The FDD’s double tightening detection ensures even greater on-the-job reliability. The R-FHD receiver has been upgraded to the R-CM.

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